Birth Defect

As far back as I can remember, my family used to tell me that I’m hard of hearing. My mother swore on how I would only “selectively” listen to her will and act accordingly. Whenever I told her, “What Ma’? Wait, Huuuh?” because I couldn’t hear her she would say, “I know you heard me! Don’t play stupid.” I was never playing and until recently no one ever believed me. When I got my physical about 6 months ago, my physician found a problem and, although it wasn’t completely serious, he suggested that I urgently get it checked. 5 months later (Yes, 5 months! An ENT is actually pretty hard to get an appointment for… plus I was away in San Diego for my first semester of college) I find myself in the chair getting tested multiple times for my hearing with all types of buzzes, beeps, and weird noises. Turns out, I really do have some hearing loss and it’s mainly in my left ear. The ENT said that I could’ve caught a serious illness as an infant and because of it I contracted some hearing loss, but the chances of that is in the single digit percentile since I was not a sickly baby and never had a serious illness. Basically, the ENT looked at my records and is pretty sure that it must be a birth defect since I’ve always had a hard time hearing. Yeah, I’m defective. He is also sure that my hearing will get even worse as I age. -_-; He hopes that I will never need a hearing aid, but enforces the saying of, “only time will tell.” So yeah, my mom can’t say that I’m not listening to her anymore. This goes out to everyone else as well. I really do have a hearing loss. I swear, I’m not intentionally not listening… you just need to speak louder.

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